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Graphic Design and Illustration


About Michelle Stiles


Hello! I'm a Pratt Institute graduate with a BFA in Communications Design and a concentration in graphic design. Some of my favorite projects include branding and packaging, but I also have a passion for designing toys, books, and other products for children. I love to incorporate whimsy and class into my work with the occasional touch of humor. 

 I discovered my passion for art and design when I was very young. I was always happiest when I was making something, whether it was drawing, sewing, or mocking up fake menus for the squirrel-themed café my siblings and I invented. Fast forward many years--after attending the design pre-college at Carnegie Mellon during a summer in high school, I knew design was the right choice for me.  

When I'm not working, I enjoy making goofy videos with my younger brother, knitting gifts for my friends, exploring New York City, and sitting by the ocean eating pie.